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Announcing Our Latest Signing: D.L. Mayfield

Some time ago, my brother, Tyler, told me about a writer he’d become friends with named D.L. Mayfield. “She writes for McSweeney’s,” he told me, and he sent me a link to her column. The series, titled “Assimilate Or Go Home: Dispatches from the Stateless Wanderers”, was moving and thrilling. Here’s her bio at McSweeney’s: […]

“Thin Blue Smoke” is Now Available

Today, 9/12/12, Burnside Books is proud to present Doug Worgul’s Thin Blue Smoke. Ever since I finished reading it many months ago, I’ve been trying to convey the greatness of Doug’s novel. I’ve written about the editorial process. I’ve talked about how my friend James developed the book’s iconic cover. Yesterday, I posted an excerpt […]

Amazon Reviews of “Thin Blue Smoke”

Amazon customer reviews are wonderfully anarchic. With little or no oversight or credentialing, they can, at times, be incoherent. But they are also crucial in how a product fairs in the online marketplace. Quality control or not, customers read customer reviews and make buying decisions based on them. Since it was first released in the […]

Post-Wild Goose Thoughts

Wild Goose West was a big moment for Burnside Books. It was a launch party of sorts, both for our first book, Doug Worgul’s Thin Blue Smoke, and for our publishing company as a whole. It went well. I lost count of the people Caleb and I met who connected with our vision. Some we […]

The Christian Label Dilemma

A few years back when we were working on a new website for the Burnside Writers Collective, I consulted with a successful magazine publisher about what we were planning. I wanted advice from someone who’d made it work. “The first thing I would do is drop the ‘Christian’ label,” he told me. This took me […]

The Burnside Books/Conundrum Press Catalog

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Put a Turtle On It! (or, How We Covered “Thin Blue Smoke”)

I care a LOT about book covers. That’s not especially unique, since anyone who’s read or written or published a book should care deeply about cover design. Mainly, I care because I think they get screwed up more often than not. And no facet of the publishing world produces covers as consistently awful as the […]

Barbecue, Bourbon and Blues: Editing “Thin Blue Smoke”

Our first book, slated for release in September (though we’ll have copies available at Wild Goose West), is Thin Blue Smoke, a lovely, sprawling novel by Doug Worgul. TBS was released in 2011 by Macmillan UK. We snapped up the novel’s North American rights because Caleb had read the book, knew Doug, and felt it […]

What Have We Learned?

A little over a year ago, I began ruminating on what would become Burnside Books. It looked far different then, originally conceived as side project to put books on the market that wouldn’t be otherwise. We’re, like, a real publishing company now. It feels pretty good. Building a company of any kind is a long, […]

Meet Our Authors: Gareth Higgins

Gareth Higgins is the only real person currently working with Burnside Books, because Gareth Higgins is the only one of us to have a Wikipedia entry. So far, anyway. I met Gareth a little over a year ago here in Phoenix, where I handed him a copy of Besides the Bible, a book I co-authored, […]